Where & How To Buy PulseChain?

Where & How To Buy PulseChain?

Are you looking for where to buy PulseChain? Trying to figure out how to buy PulseChain? Well, the truth is…

You can NOT buy PulseChain yet ***(as of the time writing this article)***

People trying to sell you PulseChain (PLS) right now are all scammers. There are multiple ERC-20 scam tokens named PLS. Do NOT buy them!

What is PulseChain

PulseChain is a hard fork of Ethereum which means that it inherits all Ethereum address balances like ERC-20 tokens, NFTs, etc. All Ethereum smart contracts get copied to PulseChain where they will benefit from high performance and cheap gas fees. The testnet has been running for months and was upgraded several times. The code is undergoing an audit. While users can check the state of their test PLS (tPLS) tokens on the testnet, the snapshot hasn’t occurred yet, and the mainnet has not been launched. This is why it’s impossible to buy PLS tokens now.

When is PulseChain launch

According to some of the previous Richard Heart statements, the mainnet launch was due in May, but on May 23, he wrote on Twitter that it would not happen. At this point, there is no approximate date either.


Richard added in a tweet: “By the way, some people like the idea of launching at the bottom of a bear market, so for those people they probably love the delays”.

He also posted a chart of HEX writing: “Check out the last HEX.com 85% dip. Did a 280x after”.


In one of his latest posts from May 23 he gave an update about the state of the PulseChain development adding: “This means that PulseChain is getting faster, safer and more powerful”.


When PulseChain launches the mainnet, automated market makers will provide liquidity for PLS tokens. Richard Heart is forking Uniswap v2 to facilitate all trades on the PulseChain.

The sacrifice phase

The sacrifice phase during which people could send certain types of cryptocurrencies to sacrifice addresses started on July 15, 2021, at 4:50 UTC and ended on Oct 13, 2021, at 4:50 UTC. People were given points for every $1 sent. The number of points depended on the time of sacrifice.


Amount of PLS for $1 sacrifice = 10,000 ÷ (1.05^number of days after July 15, 2021) where ^ means “to the power of”.

This means that about every 20 days after July 15, 2021 the amount of PLS potentially airdropped at PulseChain launch for $1 sacrificed decreases by about 2/3

  • Day 20 = 3773 PLS for $1 sacrifice
  • Day 40 = 1420 PLS for $1 sacrifice
  • Day 60 = 535 PLS for $1 sacrifice
  • Day 80 = 201 PLS for $1 sacrifice
  • Day 100 = 76 PLS for $1 sacrifice
  • Day 200 = 0.58 PLS for $1 sacrifice
  • Day 300 = 0.0044 PLS for $1 sacrifice.

People who participated in the sacrifice phase of PulseChain did this to prove a political act of how strongly they feel that blockchain is free speech and that free speech is a civil right. They also admit to not expect anything from this act but have heard that the founder(s) of Pulsechain have planned to give an airdrop.

Ethereum airdrop on PulseChain

People who did not participate in the sacrifice phase will be airdropped PLS directly to their Ethereum address for every 1 ETH held at snapshot time. All ERC-20 tokens will get copied and sent in an airdrop. Airdrop will include all non-custodial wallets like Metamask, Ledger, Tresor, etc. but it’s likely that people who hold Ethereum tokens on exchanges like Binance or Coinbase will be excluded. Coins on Mt Gox and some spam coins will also be excluded.


No one knows what will be the price of PLS tokens 1 week after launch. Once the mainnet launches, you will be able to buy PLS on the Uniswap fork native to PulseChain. It’s unknown on which exchanges PLS will be traded first. There will be a bridge from Ethereum to Pulse.

Do not believe anyone trying to show you how or where to buy PulseChain.

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