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#Bitcoin vs banks. Let's say you make 5% on $100,000. That's $5,000. 365 days in a year, 24 hours a day. That's 57 cents an hour. You're putting up $100k to make 57 cents an hour, 24/7. Some people prefer to make a year of gains in a day.

Volatility is…

#Ethereum Hackers love it when you save documents. There's nothing they love more than to find a treasure trove of seed words, private keys, or personal information so they can impersonate you to harm others, or blackmail you, or figure out your passwords, or even encrypt…

Some people have been doxing Satoshi of #Bitcoin fame by leaking their emails with him. A stricter documents retention/deletion policy would help you not violate the privacy of someone you claim to respect. Consider your own documents policy now. Courts can and do force you to…

The #BItcoin ETF is wonderful for cryptocurrency as a whole. Legacy financial systems have enslaved and bad serviced their captured users for over a decade, limiting access to the best performing asset class in history. The ETF side steps much of that censorship.

The BTC ETF's…

I am a humble author, philanthropist, philosopher, founder of multiple billion dollar things. I focus on making the world a better place, not taking selfies with overpriced things. #Ethereum

Look at the charts! Richard Heart is the giving tree of cryptocurrency. HEX, PLSX, PLS and INC were given away for free. HEX did a 10,000x in price before staking! PulseChain raised $27M for medical research. PLSX only becomes more rare, coins burn every day. Richard released 2…


I forgot I wrote a book. I'm an author. Cool. I read some of my quotes. I like em, haha. #sciVive

You can't make more #Bitcoin by sitting in $BTC. But if you were to find something that went up faster, then you could. Margin trading is the most dangerous way people try and make more #BTC. Don't margin trade. Example. You used to be able to get 2000 #Ethereum for 1 BTC. Now 19

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I buy Richard Heart stock, but I'm also a first principals thinker & focus on a healthy form of RH maximalism. NOBODY PAYS ME TO MAKE CONTENT. I promote ideas + products while still engaging in constructive criticism.

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Longevity Escape Velocity Foundation @ to invest in medical research that can save your life and those you care about. PulseChain sacrifice raised $27m for which is has a simliar mission of helping people live longer, healthier lives. Solve problems that matter!

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What's Really Happening With PulseChain HEX and PulseX? (Why Huge INC Pump?)

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