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Okay, so here’s the HEART of the PITCH…
There can only ever be a MAX supply of up to 12,000,000 PLSD*
Like so many other meme coins, Hundreds of Billions, Trillions, or even Quadrillions of coins are minted into circulation!

Minting so many coins is a Tactic used to Mislead people who Cannot Afford very much into thinking they are going to get Rich because they buy and hold Millions and Millions of coins.

Go ahead and try this with PulseDogecoin, I Double Doge Dare You!

PulseDogecoin aims to Redefine the Value and Scarcity of Meme Coins Entirely by only Airdropping FREE PLSD coins to the Strongest crypto Holders in the World, HEX Stakers!

Also, be sure to claim your PLSD on Ethereum Before PulseChain Mainnet goes live as claiming it on Ethereum is the ONLY way to get them on PulseChain Mainnet natively at Launch!

*if all available coins are claimed/minted within the claim phase (100 days) there will be a total of 12,002,981 PLSD. 100% claim rate is very unlikely so there will probably be way less coins than 12M! Could be somewhere between 1-5M! Scarce, I know!

Keep Reading!
Having PulseDogecoin puts you among the most Respected and Elite crypto holders in the World! With only a Maximum supply of up to 12,000,000 PLSD ever to be minted on Ethereum, and a future copy on PulseChain, this is the most Scarce Meme Coin to hold Ever in the History of Man!

The goal of PulseDogecoin is to become the #1 Meme Coin on PulseChain and become the New Leader of the Meme Coin Narrative!

PulseDogecoin is Unique in that the people Receiving the Airdropped Coins are Provably the very BEST crypto holders in the world: HEX.COM Stakers!

Claiming PLSD
The Claim Phase is only 100 Days Long

Similar to other Past Airdrop claiming such as HEX.COM’s BTC Freeclaim, Uniswap’s UNI Token, Ethereum Naming Service’s ENS Token, GasDao’s GAS Token, etc., etc… PulseDogecoin’s airdrop claim is also done through the very Gas efficient Merkle Proof Distribution process! (google it, it’s quite awesome!)

If you held any HEX Stake/s on April 20th, 2022 you are eligible to mint your free PulseDogecoin (PLSD)

The No Shenanigans Policy
Fair Launch & Airdrop
Free Claim Tokens are Only Available to be claimed by the Strongest Crypto HOLDERS in all of Crypto History
100% Transparency – Open Source Smart Contract
Limited Supply Available to be Claimed and Minted
No Unfair Distribution to Existing HEX Whales (“HEX Whale Penalty”)
No Sacrifice Phase
No Private or External Funding Offered or Received
No Admin Keys
No Minting/Inflation Outside of Launch Phase
No Purchase Tax
No Exit Tax
No Reflection Fees
No Rug
No Forced Staking Mechanism
No Referral Programs
Sufficient Uniswap Liquidity for Trading at Launch


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Published: May 3, 2022
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