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General Questions

What is PulseListings.com?

PulseListings.com = (PL for short) is the Pulse Listings and PLSX Faucet site for the PulseChain ecosystem.

Am I able to list my token on PulseXTokens.com?

How much does it cost for a token listing?

Managing Your Listings

How do I submit a token listing?

It is easy to submit a token listing on Pulse Listings. Go to https://www.pulselistings.com/add-new-token-listing/ and follow the instructions. We will have your token up on the site soon afterwards.

How do I make changes to my token listing if needed?

PulseX Tokens Faucet

What is PulseX Tokens Faucet?

PulseX Tokens Faucet is a system that gives away FREE PLSX tokens every day. We are giving away many many MILLIONS of tokens! You can claim 100 PLSX every 24 hours. Queue your claims starting right now. On the same day PulseChain mainnet launches, both queued and real-time Faucet PLSX payouts plus bonuses will begin.

How do I use PulseX Tokens Faucet?

Do you offer Affiliate Links? YES! See image below...

This website is NOT a scam.


How do I buy PLS, PLSX, & HEX merch?

We offer authentic ORIGINAL PXT gear. Check out the menu above and use our online store to get all the cool RH and PXT wear and gear you need! It's all extremely high quality and fun. Show your support for your bags and the team by wearing the coolest spirit wear available.

What payment methods do we accept?

Do you offer Merch Affiliate Links? YES!

Which countries do you ship to?

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Get notified the second a new token launches:

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